Luciferian Thoughts

Loki’s Stave

pic by Nick Robles

I‘ve read Dagulf Loptson’s book Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson and loved this:

Loki’s Stave by Dagulf Loptson

1. Listen to the words of the closer, the blazing one,
I who have borne witness to human evolution
since man first claimed my power.

2. You have no cause to fear me, for I am already within you.
I speak to you from the depths of your intellect,
I call to you from your secret desires,
I sleep within the blood in your veins.

3. My voice is in the crackle of the flame,
and the laughter of the innocent,
and the hiss of the serpent.

4. I am the bright companion of thunder,
and I strike with inspiration.
I am the spark of genius that drives you towards greatness;
To abandon me is to embrace the darkness of ignorance.

5. I am an all-consuming pleasure
that reddens your flesh with my embrace;
I give you the color of gods
so you’ll remember that you are divine.

6. I excite your nerves and heighten your senses,
Driving you toward divine madness and the bliss of chaos.
To love me is to be consumed by me on a holy pyre,
where I devour your repose, to give you rebirth.

7. I am the vulture who strips away that which is putrid
and makes bones white and new.
I am the dark brother who illuminates,
I am the wise fool who knows all and believes nothing.

8. I am the rising star Sirius
who walks upon the bridge of heaven:
The harbinger of life and the harbinger of death.
I am the space between boundaries
who belongs everywhere and nowhere.
I am the spider in the web
and master of my own fate.

9. I am the battler of gatekeepers,
for I know that all boundaries are illusions.
I end the world to prove there are no endings.
There can be no lies if there is no truth.

10. I am the father of the broken.
I am the mother of the monstrous.
I comfort my children with the warmth
and avenge them with my flames;
for I know what it means to suffer.

11. I am the primordial serpent
Who writhes in the abyss.
To conquer me is to win the wyrm’s hoard:
gleaming gold, which is the fire of knowledge.

12. I am the father of witches
and the master of molding and shaping;
place crude metal in my forge
and I will give you treasure in return.

13. If you understand nothing else,
remember this secret:
To know me is to know yourself
And to know yourself is to know my ecstasy.